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Our documentary photography provides a unique way of exploring important issues to the environment and local community.  Are you working on a social or economic project and need professional documentary photographs?  We work closely with the client, and subjects, to gain a strong understanding and appreciation for the issue before creating compelling and cohesive bodies of work that helps clients reach their intended audience with their desired message. 

Malama Ka 'Aina

Malama Ka 'Aina (Care for the Land) is a social documentary photography project that explores the ecological environment that impacts the quality and quantity of water reaching Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park.  


My approach to the project considers what I perceive as relationships between living organisms (people, plant, wildlife, etc) and other elements such as industry and infrastructure in the surrounding environment.


Visitors and residents love the Big Island for its natural beauty, but maintaining such beauty doesn't come naturally.  Increased tourism and population growth increase the importance of making conscious efforts to recognize changes  that threaten abilities to sustain the natural beauty for future generations.  I created this documentary project in a way that allowed me to focus on things I perceive as impacting the ecological environment in the area. 

Each image includes captions, GPS coordinates, and QRC (Quick Response Codes) which encourage the viewer to do their own exploration of the area through online searches offering satellite view perspectives.  Viewers can scan QR codes, on exhibition sized prints, with scanning apps such as QR Reader for iPhone* or QR Code Reader for Android* to quickly navigate to the embedded GPS coordinates.   

*Listed readers are for example purposes only and not an official endorsement.

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